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2007 Caribbean Cruise Getaway 
Grand Cayman

2007 Caribbean Getaway  | Charleston SC  | Grand Cayman  | Cozumel  | Key West Fla  | On the Ship

Pirate ship Grand Cayman
 One of the many  Pirate ships the Caymans are famous for. 

Grand Cayman cruise ship harbor 

Welcome to the Cayman Islands
 Welcome to the Cayman Islands! 

Cruise ships moored in the Cayman Islands 
Main street Grand Cayman 
Thatch roofed business in Cayman Isle 

Two Pirates of the Caribbean
 Two scoundrels, one with a hook and wooden leg. 

Rosella and Bill on scooter in Grand Cayman
 We definitely like to get away from the crowds and do our own thing.  This is a great way if you're comfortable with 50 mph on a scooter and driving on the left side of the road.  I don't recommend it for everyone.
Waterfront highway on the south side of Grand Cayman 
Palm trees and wind on Grand Cayman 
Palm trees flanking a beautiful Grand Cayman Beach 
Grand Cayman roadway bending around blue-green Caribbean Bay 

The Lighthouse at Breakers Grand Cayman
 The Lighthouse at Breakers Grand Cayman was about a
40 minute drive from the dock, but it was well worth it. 

The beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman
 Even though the Caribbean Waters look great in photos, you really
  have to see the colors and clarity in person to appreciate them fully. 

Rosella and Bill on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman 
 Seven Mile Beach is Rosella's favorite beach, and it's easy to see why.
Hard Rock Cafe Grand Cayman 
Senor Frogs in Grand Cayman 
Pretty white church in Grand Cayman 
Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville Grand Cayman 
Margaritaville Restaurant and Gift Shop Cayman Islands 
Transport tendering boats on Cayman Waterfront 
The Carnival Valor Cruise Ship moored at Grand Cayman 

Carnival's Valor ot Grand Cayman 
 The Carnival Valor is blessed with many "balconies", as
compared to our ship below, which has none.

NCL's Majesty moored at Grand Cayman 
 Having a private outside balcony is a very nice luxury, and once
you try it, you'll REALLY like it.  Highly recommended!

Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas moored at Grand Cayman
 Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas is a beautiful ship.  She accompanied our ship to a couple of ports.  It's pretty cool seeing cruise ships following each other in the dark of the night all lighted up! 

Sunset at Grand Cayman 

Beautiful Cayman sunset Grand Cayman
 Caribbean Sunsets are always a great way to start the evening.

2007 Caribbean Getaway  | Charleston SC  | Grand Cayman  | Cozumel  | Key West Fla  | On the Ship